The Enterprise Hub

Ultimate coworking space for Sydney, eCommerce, enterprise businesses, unmatched flexibility, onsite fulfillment, and designed for health and safety

Designed for health and safety

Life after a global pandemic will not return to the way it was before. Workit Spaces saw this as an opportunity to rethink the ways in which we work amongst each other. This will involve the integration of antimicrobial surfaces, wide corridors, increased automation,  touches hand sanitisation, air conditioning systems that use UV light to kill pathogens, screen partitions, and more.

Workit Spaces Coworking Flexibility

Scaling your team has never been easier  

Workit Spaces allows enterprise packages to have an increased amount of flexibility. This includes scaling their desk numbers whenever necessary, go from 50 to 80 in a matter of days without traditional contracts.

Extensive onsite photography and content creation studios

Our onsite photography studios and content creation studios allow your creative and marketing team to produce content onsite. This level of convenience means your team can bring your ideas to fruition immediately! On top of this, we have onsite camera hire and photography equipment with discounts for members. The area includes product cycloramas, black backgrounds, white backgrounds, and an array of lighting options. 

Onsite digital marketing to an onsite finance team 

From a digital agency to accounting, Workit Spaces simplifies your business’s external needs by having them onsite with you. This allows your agency relationships to be more intimate and convenient for you. 


We’ve got you covered


The hub includes thermal body scanners, 2.5 metre wide corridors, touchless sanitisers, partitions, antimicrobial materials, and aircon with UV to kill pathogens.

Onsite Facilities

Workit Spaces offers a range of facilities for businesses such as extensive photography and content creation studios, meeting (up to 35 people) , event spaces, gym, and bar.

Onsite Services

Workit Spaces offers a range of services for our clients such as a digital agency, CFO by Workit services, and onsite order fulfilment with our new offering, SKUtopia.

Affordable & Flexible

With competitive rates and flexible options, you’re able to scale your business on your terms. We are able to hold teams up to 200 in our spaces.

Order Fulfilment

SKUtopia is a 4PL that integrates with your sales channels. We can take care of your shipping, fulfilment and warehousing. A perfect solution.

Onsite order fulfilment software and warehousing


Our 4-in-1, cloud-based software system means that all inventory and order information is synced so that we can take care of shipping.

  • Micro-warehousing facilities in a close proximity to city centres so that your clients receive their orders faster than ever
  • Our software system lets you manage your inventory, orders, shipping, and warehousing on one, user-friendly platform
  • SKUtopia will ensure you get the best shipping method, the lowest rates, and the option for 4-hour delivery in metro areas
  • Orders are packed according to predefined or custom guidelines in recyclable and compostable packaging

End your day at the SKUBAR

Our onsite bar and cafe will be open at all times to grab a morning snack all the way to an end of day drink. Use this time to celebrate your team’s wins, reflect on the day or enjoy some time with friends.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Workit Spaces Enterprise Hub work?

You can book in a tour to view the space and discuss requirements. Then, we’ll send you a quote for the best suited space and you can move in when you’re ready. The Enterprise Hub allows you to scale your business up and down with ease. The flexibility means you can go from 50 desks to 80 desks without having to make complicated changes to your contract.

Is my eCommerce business right for the Enterprise Hub?

If your business has up to 200 employees, it could be right for the Enterprise Hub. If you’re hoping to run your eCommerce business from one location, the Enterprise Hub offers desks, offices, storage, and fulfillment services.

What is the minimum commitment for a space at the Workit Spaces Enterprise Hub?

Workit Spaces offer a variety of service agreements including month-to-month, 6-month terms, 12-month terms or higher. Your monthly price is inclusive of all your outgoings, electricity, high speed Internet, access to additional space and a lot more.

Where is the Enterprise Hub located?

The Workit Spaces Enterprise Hub is located in Alexandria, directly across from The Grounds of Alexandria. You’ll find us on the corner of Bourke Rd and Huntley St. The Enterprise Hub is accessible from Green Square and Redfern train stations.

Can I receive and offload containers at the Enterprise Hub?

Yes, you can receive and offload 20ft and 40ft containers. We have a hand-operated walkie stacker to assist you with offloading a palleted container so you don’t need a forklift license.

Can I receive and offload containers at the Enterprise Hub?

Yes, you can receive and offload 20ft and 40ft containers. We have a hand-operated walkie stacker to assist you with offloading a palleted container so you don’t need a forklift license.

Do I need to be present in the Enterprise Hub to receive and dispatch goods?

No, our 9am to 5pm staff support will receive items on your behalf and place them in your space. We have a shipping station where couriers will come daily to pick up your packages without you needing to be there.

Do you offer eCommerce solutions for small businesses?

Yes we do! If your business isn’t quite big enough for the Enterprise Hub yet, visit our eCommerce Solutions page to see what we can do for small businesses.

Want to join Workit’s Enterprise Hub?