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Episode 1: Beyond the Store with Livani

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What really goes into building an eCommerce brand? Hint: it’s a hell of a lot more than creating a great website.

Follow six Australian eCommerce business owners as they navigate the highs and lows of developing a product, launching and growing an eCommerce business during a pandemic. An Australian first, Beyond the Store gives viewers an unseen view of the one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

More than ever, Australian business owners are competing to gain traction in the eCommerce industry due to the accelerated shift in consumer purchasing habits. In fact, Australia’s eCommerce industry is the 10th largest in the world and its rate of growth is having an impact on the eCommerce industry world-wide.

Beyond the Store provides an unfiltered, realistic view of the eCommerce businesses and delivers insight into an industry that is rapidly becoming the battleground for economic growth, diversity and sustainability. 

“When people think about eCommerce, most will picture the digital storefront – the website designed to attract your attention and sell, says Lisa Martens, Head of Customer Success and Partnerships at Workit Spaces. “But there so much to eCommerce – and we decided to it’s time to do something about that.”


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Directed by: Alessio de Nicola

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Premieres: Tues 10am | 27 July 2021

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